Pedal to the metal.

Pedal to the metal.

When you’re not moving forward, you’re drifting backward –For a digital marketer, nothing is more encouraging and rewarding than getting engagement on their content. in 2019 that thought was bugging our minds untill we finally decided to hit a pit stop and undergo a complete rebranding.

Bees Studio  Featured by Clutch in Top 1000 Global Companies 2019

Bees Studio Featured in Top Global Companies 2020

Our goal, here at Bees Studio, is to craft a compelling yet effective message for our clients through animation production. We love learning about the latest marketing statistics and trends and their impact on businesses, just like yours! Here’s what’s happening in 2021 .

How Volkswagen and Apple changed the advertising industry. Forever.

How Apple & Sumsung changed – the advertising Forever.

Sometimes the ideas change the world. And sometimes a brilliant concept changes the market forever We believe that one of the answers lies with animation . It is no different in advertising. In the course of history,In reality, it means that to engage with consumers effectively, marketers have to sell their product or service in ten seconds or less! The first four seconds being critical. there were many game-changing commercials. Let’s take a look at the two most significant ads that changed the history!

Bees Studio as a Top Video Production Agency!

Bees Studio as a Top Video Production Agency!

At Bees Studio, we pride ourselves on creating sophisticated animated stories designed for one single purpose;The digital marketing world changes at light speed. It’s a daily race to see who introduces “the next big idea” and who gets to hold your attention the longest.

Show  Videos – facts

Show Videos – facts and numbers

Product or service. It’s also used to present an idea behind a newly formed start up. Animation is an artistic impulse that long predates the movies. History’s first recorded Such animations are publicized mainly on the Internet on companies’ websites or numerous social channels, but also are used as presentations addressed to potential business partners and different kinds of This lesson did not go unremarked by the young .

Explainer Video. The difficult art of Animation

Show Video. The difficult art of Animation

Short and effective animations are a great tool for telling stories about products,With the invention of sprocket-driven film stock, animation was poised for a great leap forward. Although “firsts” of any kind are never easy to establish, the first film-based animator appears services, and companies that offer them. A good Explainer will not only tell your story, but will also make it more attractive and will encourage your audience to take the actions that you expect.